The debacle of Tubelight this year, Salman Khan fans have been eagerly waiting for their hero to make a powerful comeback. And the superstar is back with a bang (literally) with Tiger Zinda Hai, the much-awaited sequel to Yash Raj Film’s 2012 hit " Ek Tha Tiger ".

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar of Sultan fame and featuring Salman’s ex-ladylove Katrina Kaif, Tiger Zinda Hai (TZH) is surely a movie that will give you an adrenaline rush and keep you glued to your seats from start to end.

If you are a Salman-maniac, by now you would have already seen the film a couple of times. However, if you don’t belong to the massive Salmanfandom and are still not convinced to go watch one the biggest action-thrillers of this year, well, we have put together a list of reasons as to why TZH is worth every penny spent.

So, without further ado, here are top 5 reasons why you should definitely watch this Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer this holiday season.

Before you think the TZH is preachy, let us put this straight  No this action adventure is not preachy at all but it very subtly emphasizes on ideas of humanity and peace and packs them so well with the rest of the content that it doesn’t come across as a boring lecture. Writer-director Ali Abbas Zafar has placed beautiful scenes in the film which show a positive side to the Indo-Pak relationship. The plot revolves around how the two conflicting nations of India and Pakistan form a team and work together for the sake of humanity and are not constrained by any religion. The movie surely makes a point without stretching the issue too much and it will surely warm your heart to watch the two flags soaring together on the big screen. Ali Abbas Zafar was quoted saying, “Tiger Zinda Hai is an effort to restore faith in humanity. The film raises a very pertinent point  if we want our generation to be normal, then we will have to put in all the hard work today to restore faith in humanity.” Well, kudos to the director for fabulously touching upon the sensitive issue with dexterity and maturity.

The Story

Not many know, but Tiger Zinda Hai is inspired by true events and Ali Abbas Zafar has retained many aspects of the real story in his screenplay. In 2014, 46 Indian nurses were held captive in Iraq by the militants and the daring story of their survival is the driving force behind Tiger Zinda Hai. Even though the movie is fictional it has a moving impact and sheds light on the important facets of this bold yet heart-warming story. The movie also has remarkable sequences that emphasize on women empowerment. Ali Abbas Zafar has already mentioned in his interviews that, “There are a lot of moments in the film that will remind audiences of the actual incident in Iraq. Having said that, Tiger Zinda Hai is a completely fictional take on the crisis and our version of how Tiger would resolve it.”

Katrina - Salman Chemistry

Tiger Zinda Hai 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch This Salman Khan  Katrina Kaif Starrer
There have always been speculations about Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s equation in real life. However, when it comes to reel life it is no surprise that these two stars have great on-screen chemistry. Salman and Katrina are sizzling in the film and their romance will surely melt your heart. They both also play parents to an adorable kid in the film and it is a delight to watch them in this role. They complement each other beautifully and leave us wanting more. Also read our story on how Salman-Katrina had a great time while shooting for TZH.

Best-Octane Action

Tiger Zinda Hai 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch This Salman Khan  Katrina Kaif Starrer
Apart from having a powerful message and a heartwarming love story, Tiger Zinda Hai is also full of exhilarating action. One can safely say that TZH has one of the best action films of Bollywood. From fighting wolves while snowboarding to fighting the bad guys while riding a horse – action hero Salman Khan has given incredible action shots. Talking about the same Salman had said, “The action scenes that I have shot with the team in Austria and Abu Dhabi are on another level. There are horses, tanks, big weapons and there's this whole army, military backdrop. It's like something you see in Hollywood films.” After watching the film, we know he wasn’t exaggerating.  The leading lady and the tigress of the film, Katrina Kaif has also delivered fantastic action sequences. Even Salman was full of praises for her, he said, “She has done a superb job in the film. I don't think any of our leading ladies could have done it. It is too physical and as it is, she is a very delicate girl but she worked really hard on the action. The way she fought, the way she kicked, gymnastics, everything, shooting guns and these guns are real guns, taking up shooting training and all that stuff wasn't easy.” The film is packed with powerful action that keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Salman Khan

Tiger Zinda Hai 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch This Salman Khan  Katrina Kaif Starrer

Salman Khan is the driving force behind all his films. The plot, story and direction fade away when this man takes charge and shines through the film. Tiger Zinda Hai is Salman’s roaring comeback after Tubelight. Salman has worked hard for this one and has trained rigorously. Talking about Salman’s dedication director Ali Abbas Zafar had said, “During the shoot, be it the middle of a desert or on top of the snow-capped mountains; Salman was training every day. He used to ride his cycle to the set and we all know it’s not easy to cycle in such harsh environments. He used to easily ride for more than 10 kilometres every-day to get to the set. He had worked out his own exercise regime given the limited options. Salman’s diet was incredible. His diet kept him light and agile and he paid minute attention to whatever he was eating. The cheat day came on the last schedule of Greece!” Apart from the action, the movie also taps Salman’s affectionate side and has shown him as a father to a young kid. It is adorable to see this tough guy be a loving dad and a caring husband. Salman treats the audience with his many amicable shades in this film and makes the movie-going experience entertaining and pleasant.

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