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Anna Gorbasheva is a professional ballerina. She got Honours Degree from State Choreographic School named after A.V.Selezniov and then graduated from the State Institute of Theatre and Cinema with specialization in a Choreography Teaching with Honours Degree as well. After graduation she was dancing with a State Classic dance ensemble managed by a People’s Actor of Kazakh SSR, a laureate of a National Award by Lenin’s Komsomol, a professor of Study of Art, a laureate of “Platinum Tarlan” and “Sokrat” Awards, a worldwide-known dancer and a ballet master Mr. Bulat Ayukhanov. She performed leading parts in such ballets as “Carmen” by Zh.Bize, “Swan Lake” by P.I.Tchaikovsky, “The Dying Swan” by Saint-Saens, “Zhizel” by Adan, “The Gipsy Dance” by Zhlobinskiy, “Bolero” by Ravel, variations from “Don Kihot” and “Yunona and Avos”.

Anna has participated in international ballet festivals in London, Moscow, Kiev. She has launched a choreographic studio “Arabeski”, where she has started her teaching activity.

12 years ago Anna with her family moved to the UAE. At the beginning she worked as a ballet master in a Yellow Brick Nursery School, then for a couple of years, she was teaching and organizing concerts in Dubai American Academy. Later on, she opened her own dance studio named “Unique Dance Studio”.
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